The Sanctuary


Jefferson Market Park, New York

Hello! It is time again to write a few words related to a story in my book Stories to Tell.

I was sitting in the garden, the sun was shining and I felt all was well with my world. Do you have a place where you can sit and be quiet? Somewhere where you can go if you are upset or just
need your own space for a little while?
While I am in the garden I like to look at the plants and their flowers, the trees, birds, butterflies and the bees. The animals are always so very busy keeping our world evolving. Each has a different job to do. Do you realise when the bees and butterflies fly around the flowers in our gardens, that they are pollinating them? Without their help we would not be able to sustain our ecosystem. Then they and other animals would go hungry!
If you watch them work, hopefully, you will feel empathy towards them. As you also grow, you can protect them by not using commercial sprays, and looking for alternative methods to get rid of pests.
There are other animals that pollinate. Do you know which ones?
Take the time to look around you and see what you can find around your flowers, plants and trees.
Until next time,
Carolyn Evita

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