The Little Troll

When we think of Trolls, if we think of them at all, we think big and ugly. But why is this so? Because they are always presented to us this way? In all types of media, the Troll is depicted as the meanest of them all!

Have you asked yourself why?

Because there always must be both a pretty and an ugly presentation. We experience this everywhere, every day. Well, little ones, I think the time has come where we need to make a stand and say: Enough!

Everyone has some beautiful aspect of themselves.

We often hurt the Trolls’ feelings, and anybody else who feels ugly in the same way. We do not live in a perfect world, so we as Homo sapiens should not be expected to be perfect. Neither can we ask the same of the Troll.

It is important we take the time to explore each person’s story, and then look at them in a wiser light. Do you think we could try this; try to not grow up judging each other by our looks? It is up to us to bring out the beauty of the world.

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