First Blog: Introduction


The Three Sisters are situated at Katoomba New South Wales, Australia. Their Aboriginal names are Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo.

At the beginning there were words. These words formed stories and I called them Stories to Tell.

From today I will place words on this blog about myself and my travels. On my travels I will gather more material for new stories and this blog. I will also from time to time add photos of Nature. Nature photos make us feel good and it shows us what a beautiful World we live in and why we need to protect Planet Earth.

I believe in a World that is Magical and full of light, sunshine and fun. We will explore this World together and see what we can find. We need to slow down in this crazy World of ours and re connect with Nature and the original World we were born into.

I understand, we cannot go backwards and give up all the necessities of life we feel we need and want. But we can learn to quieten the mind, and learn to live in our fast paced life a little slower. Not get so anxious about ourselves and the life we lead.

So we can go and sit or lie down in the garden, park or a place that we are comfortable in and just look at the sky. Please do not look directly into the sun, or it will hurt your eyes. We are just going to look at the clouds. Can you see any shapes that you recognize, faces or animals? Use your imagination and see what you can find.

I have a story in my book about clouds. It is about a shape. Can you write a few words about clouds or do a drawing of that shape?


Enjoy your day!


9 thoughts on “First Blog: Introduction

  1. Nadine Wyrsch says:

    It’s lovely 😍!
    Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandfather moon and Grandmother Sun all need protecting and enjoying.
    We see a Dragon 😄, this has inspired me to take our little Tiger cub out to do some cloud gazing.
    Much love xxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cathy Jager says:

    I see the formless in this cloud, and the formless is a concept and the concept is change.

    Beautiful introduction to your new blog Carolyn!
    It’s an engaging start and most inspirational!

    I look forward to sharing this journey with you,,,

    Cathy xx


  3. Cathy Jager says:

    I see the formless and the formless is a concept and the concept is Change.

    Congratulations Carolyn on a wonderful introduction to your blog!

    It is most engaging and inspirational!

    I look forward to sharing your journey through these pages..

    Cathy xx


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